The 360 Degree Selling Consultant©

PART 1 – SELF ANALYSIS (All responses are confidential)

Please answer each of the following questions about yourself by checking Agree or Disagree.

Agree Disagree  
1) I always do favors for others.
2) Even when things are difficult, I know that I will do OK.
3) I would not quit a job unless I had another.
4) I worry about selling more than most people.
5) I have set high goals for myself in life.
6) To be honest is not important in selling.
7) Sales people usually have hidden agendas when they sell.
8) I like sales because it often involves working with groups of people.
9) Customers generally tell me their problems.
10) I never rest until the sale is closed.
11) I have many self-doubts at work.
12) The concept of a good company man is an outdated one.
13) I would not buy anything expensive if I were in danger of losing my job.
14) I enjoy working alone.
15) I get satisfaction from solving an impasse even if it takes a long time.
16) I am not usually concerned about what I said during a sales call.
17) A good sales person has total control over the sale.
18) I am usually early for appointments.
19) I like to help young people get started in life.
20) I like being popular with my customers.
21) People know that I usually come out ahead.
22) Losing a sale does not bother me.
23) Job security is one of my top priorities.
24) I like the risks and challenges that are involved in a sales career.
25) It is important to be very involved in the sale.
26) Customers enjoy talking to me because of my outgoing ways.
27) I always consider the suggestions of my customers even if I disagree.
28) I often feel nervous in a sales situation.
29) I do not see myself as a sympathetic person.
30) A good salesperson looks out for number one first.
31) I am seldom able to make sales by myself.
32) I have a lot of friends that I have made on the job.
33) Life in the “fast track” is for me.
34) Sometimes a sales call makes me nervous.
35) I expect to achieve a lot when I sell.
36) I like the freedom to travel that a sales job gives.
37) I believe there may be racial differences in how well people bargain.
38) I enjoy swapping stories with customers.
39) I like lending a helping hand to others.
40) I am sensitive to criticism from others.
41) I am self-assured in most work.
42) I enjoy “putting one over” on a customer.
43) I’d rather take my vacation at home than travel abroad.
44) I like to talk at company meetings.
45) I do not like difficult sales.
46) It is alright to skate around the law if you won’t get into trouble.





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Please answer each of the following questions about your customer by selecting Agree or Disagree.


Agree Disagree  
1) Aggressive

2) Sarcastic

3) Anxious

4) Independent

5) Cheerful

6) Striving

7) Argumentative

8) High-Strung

9) Blaming

10) Easy Going
11) Empathetic
12) Egotistical
13) Autonomous
14) Moody
15) Achieving
16) Friendly
17) Competitive
18) Hard-Headed
19) Nervous
20) Kind
21) Humorous
22) Rebellious
23) Headstrong

24) Ambitious

25) Preoccupied

26) Winning

27) Out-Going


29) Opinionated

30) Submissive

31) Worrying

32) Individualistic

33) Optimistic

34) Persistent

35) Quarrelsome

36) Determined

37) Pessimistic

38) Responsible

39) Stubborn

40) Sociable

41) Conforming

42) Versatile

43) Goal-Oriented

44) Industrious

45) Self-Starting