Pharmaceutical Sales Management in A Changeable Marketplace


Vincent F. Peters and Thomas B. Yeats


•  The only pharmaceutical district sales management book in the United States .


•  The authors with numerous years of pharmaceutical sales management and training experience examine the roles and responsibilities of to day's district managers. The book is an excellent guide for anyone in pharmaceutical sales management.


•  The transition from representative to manager and the definition of management are completely covered. The management skills of planning, organizing, leading and controlling, are covered in depth. Good management practices and techniques are reviewed throughout the book.


•  Managers are walked through all the skill areas required to be successful in pharmaceutical sales management. Each of the eleven chapters has its own set of learning objectives, and review questions and answers. Checklists, forms and numerous exercises are included in the eleven-chapter text.


•  The book is designed for new district managers with less than two years experience, however it provides excellent information and tips for even the most seasoned district managers.


•  "Pharmaceutical Sales Management in a Changeable Marketplace" is a necessity for today's district managers. The book provides them with the knowledge and skills required to be an effective "coach."



Both authors have been national sales managers for multinational pharmaceutical corporations, and have trained thousands of managers worldwide. In is book they share their wealth of experience with the reader.


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