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How To Conduct Doctor Dinner Meetings




Dr. Joseph L. Magnani and Vincent F. Peters


•  The first book on doctor dinner meetings to be released in years.


•  The authors with numerous years of pharmaceutical and healthcare experience examine all aspects of doctor dinner meetings. The book provides an excellent overview of the “How To” of conducting doctor dinner meetings.


•  There is heavy emphasis on pre-meeting planning and preparation, and the AMA/PhRMA/FDA guidelines for doctor dinner meetings.


•  The actual conducting of the meeting itself is covered extensively. Issues such as the role of the moderator, using the group, probing and listening skills, handling disruptions, and common meeting problems and participants, are all reviewed. Different types of meeting closing techniques and follow-up procedures and forms are included.


•  The case study scenario for the book is on how to conduct a dinner meeting for an antihypertensive product. There is a very detailed sample guide for conducting antihypertensive therapy sessions.


•  “How To Conduct Doctor Dinner Meetings” is an ideal book for today's pharmaceutical sales representatives. The book equips sales people with the knowledge and skills required to effectively conduct doctor dinner meetings. It is essentially a meeting planning guide.


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