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New Wave Pharmaceutical Selling
– Revised Edition


Sandra M. Peters & Vincent F. Peters


* The authors, with over thirty years of combined healthcare and pharmaceutical experience describe the grass roots origins of pharmaceutical selling and take a close

look at today's pharmaceutical marketplace. The book is all about change in the

marketplace and how pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to those changes.


* There is heavy emphasis on the two forces that are driving the pharmaceutical

marketplace, pharmacoeconomics and disease management. The rationale and

principles of pharmacoeconomics and disease management are thoroughly

explained. The disease management process life cycle and the four major

principles of disease management are covered in depth.


* The New Wave CRM selling process is explained, and spells out what pharmaceutical

companies and sales people need to do to be successful. Success stories from

other industry selling situations provide the backdrop for many examples. Traits

of successful salespeople, and styles of sales people are reviewed. Recruiting and

selection of sales people is also covered.


* In the section, "The How To" Of Pharmaceutical Selling, the whole concept of

the territory manager as opposed to the traditional sales person is reviewed.

Planning and Targeting, Disease Therapy, Relationship Selling, Customer Focused

Selling and Service are all pulled together as the wave of the future.


* A complete selling skills section is provided in Part II – “The Basic Pharmaceutical Sales Call for GP Reps.”


* "New Wave Pharmaceutical Selling" provides a light hearted and informative

view of how to sell in today's pharmaceutical marketplace. It is an ideal book for

anyone working in pharmaceutical sales, and is especially interesting for anyone

who may be considering entering pharmaceutical sales.


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