The Situation


Effective sales call planning is the foundation of all successful sales calls. Millions of dollars in potential sales are lost everyday because sales calls are not planned as effectively as possible. Study after study shows us that the most successful sales reps are those who know their customer’s professional needs and interests, as well as their customer’s personal preferences. These successful sales reps are able to customize their sales presentations to meet the customer’s interests and needs. These same sales reps are even able to go a step further and use the information on business and personal needs to develop stronger relationships with their customers.


Successful sales reps have all of this information on their customers, and are able to use this information to its best during their presentations. These same reps obtain their information from various sources such as company records, observation and probing skills. All of these elements tied together make for successful sales call planning and subsequently successful sales calls. The only problem is that these successful sales reps are only 20 percent of the average sales force, but bring in eighty percent of the business. So what about the other eighty percent of sales reps, how can they be more effective?


The Solution


The solution is to make the other eighty percent of your sales force also high performers. The name of this solution is the 360 Degree Selling Consultant©. The 360 Degree Selling Consultant© is a computerized sales call planning instrument that provides sales reps with all of the information that they need on their customers. The 360 Degree Selling Consultant© provides in-depth information on the customer’s likes and dislikes, and goes into the psychology of selling the customer based on their personality style. Our instrument provides sales reps with the types of questions they should expect from customers, as well as what objections the customer is likely to present. Reps are provided with benefits specific to customer’s needs, and which are of most importance. Lastly, sales reps are provided the two best closing techniques from a database of twenty possible closes that they should use with the customer.


The end product is a complete professional and personal selling strategy report on the customer, that can be used in all sales call planning activities.

The 360 Degree Selling Consultant© is a powerful sales call planning instrument that can be used with anyone from physicians to store managers, in a sales situation. Each report focuses heavily on the relationship building activities that are required to be successful with the customer.

The 360 Degree Selling Consultant©


• Personalized and customized to each customer
• Computerized and easy to use – ten customers can be profiled in one hour
• In-depth psychological selling techniques
• Relationship oriented, with relationship selling techniques
• Increases Physician Access
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Focused
• Provides a permanent record of customer information
• Increases sales call effectiveness
• Is a real world selling instrument
• Turns sales force effectiveness into sales force excellence
• Is Confidential


How To Get Started


The 360 Degree Selling Consultant© is comprised of two parts, Part 1 which is a “Self-Analysis” that needs to be completed by the sales rep one time only. Part 2 is the “Assessing Your Customers,” portion, where the rep needs to enter in all of the customer information. As soon as we receive both parts of the assessment forms, we start processing the information and send the sales rep a complete sales strategy report on each customer via e-mail.


This quick, simple, easy process can allow a sales rep to profile ten customers in just one hour’s time.