Half Day Pharmaceutical Sales Call Planning Workshop

The Pharmaceutical Sales Call Planning Workshop is an interactive instructor led session, which covers all aspects of physician sales call planning. Participants are walked through the rationale for sales call planning, and the use of the Sales Call Planner Document. Use of call objectives and development of long-range strategies are covered in depth. Participants are shown how to develop personal, practice and prescription profiles for their physicians. Templates for all of these profiles are provided.


The workshop also provides participants with a thorough review of psychological selling techniques. It reviews two levels of psychological selling, physician personality styles, and physician motivational styles. Physician personality styles are covered and participants are provided with tactics for selling to each of the four different personality styles. Next, participants are walked through the different physician motivational styles, shown how to recognize each, and which tactics to use with each. There are numerous group exercises in this segment of the workshop.


Lastly, participants are taken through an individual physician call planning exercise on one of their own physicians, using information that was submitted as pre-work, prior to the workshop. Each participant will receive a computer generated 360 Degree Sales Strategy Report on one of their physicians. The report will be used by them to finalize their call plan strategy, and will serve as a permanent record for relationship building and CRM activities.


This program is highly recommended for anyone involved in pharmaceutical sales. Minimum ten to twelve participants, $250 per participant, includes all workshop materials, a computer generated 360 Sales Strategy Report on one physician, and the book “Selling To Specialist Physicians.”


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Program Benefits

• In-depth Physician Sales Call Planning
• Individualized, customized Sales Strategy Report
• Promotes Relationship Building
• Improves Physician Access
• Is a long range, permanent physician CRM record
• Improves Sales Force Effectiveness